An Introduction to The Revolutions of 1989

From 1989-1991 revolutions occurred in the Warsaw Pact Nations of Eastern Europe. The communist governments of Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, and Yugoslavia collapsed as a result of these revolutions, and new governments were formed.  This project will compares various aspects of the government response to those revolutions (of the first two nations (Poland and Hungary), with my intention to add the other six nations after this semester.  My hope is that by creating this project, two groups of people can be helped. The first group is researchers who want to study the End of the Cold war. The second group is people who are interested in comparing and contrasting political revolutions at different points in history and in different countries. This project aims to be more user friendly than the Wilson Center’s “End of the Cold War”:  It is very easy for users, with litte ffort to compare and contrast the different revolutions four different aspects of each revolution that are discussed. While this project does not give a complete and detailed intermediate analysis of each revolution, it makes an excellent starting point for students studying the issue who want to achieve a basic understanding of each country’s revolution. Additionally, I aim to make this digital project capable of pointing, those who are studying a specific nation’s revolution, in the right direction.

This project’s format is intentionally built in an easy to replicate manner, so that it can be expanded in a way that will allow future users to add on other revolutions in different countries and use this project as